About âme pure®

Everybody deserves radiant skin. Based on Science. 

Our mission:
Our goal is quite simple: to help individuals of all ages achieve beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. We have decided to approach that objective through the most systematic, effective and safe way that was available to us: by bringing exclusive, clinic-only treatments within reach of the average user, to enjoy from the comfort of home. We combine the use of medical devices together with highly specialized skin formulations. This offers maxium rejuvenation results all the while maximising the absorption of actives, far beyond any other treatment seen before. We wanted to make premium-quality natural skincare available to all who are seeking to safely improve the quality of their skin with a method that has demonstrated proven results.
Our Process:
We begin by staying at the fine edge of scientific research in the domain of cosmetic active ingredients. We then invest only in the leading active ingredients suppliers currently available in the international market, after a lengthy research process. Nor are we stingy with our findings – we use high doses of active cosmeceutical components in our products for more potent skin-enhancing results, at significantly higher percentages than the products currently available for sale. We work only together with the most skilled and advanced laboratories in Europe to develop our exclusive formulations, which are finely attuned to EU Cosmetic GMP standards to guarantee the highest degree of quality and safety to our products. These high standards are attested to by the full certification that we own for all our formulations.

Our Results:

As a result, we offer luxury high-end products at an affordable price, compared to companies who use the same ingredients sourced from the same producers in the same laboratories as us. We are able to provide these conditions because every step of our process is done in-house, from the scouting and acquisition of raw materials to the development of our exclusive formulations to product design to stocking, packing and warehousing. This process enables us to create treatments that deliver truly spectacular results. And we know they truly work not only because of their extensive scientific backing – we are told personally, every single day, in the letters of gratitude that we receive from our customers, for whom healing their skin was equivalent with healing a part of their life.

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