So Silky Mitt™️ + Choco Glow Body Yoghurt

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Reveal a satin-smooth body with this delicious dessert for your skin!
The light and airy texture absorbs in a flash, leaving the skin feeling exceptionally soft.
Infused with a blend of skin-loving ingredients like sunflower seed and almond oils,
this body moisturizer delivers instant nourishment and smooths rough texture without leaving a greasy feel.
A chocoholic's dream with a mouth-watering scent of chocolate.

Apply daily as needed to the entire body. For best absorption, use after the shower or bath.

So Silky Mitt™️
Transform your skin in seconds with this chemical-free exfoliation Mitt, handmade from 100% pure cocoon silk.
Visibly peels and lifts off dead skin cells, without damaging or scratching skin using warm water only! Leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft, velvety and glowing in seconds.

▪️Unique weave of 100% pure cocoon silk
▪️Visibly peels off dead skin cells and fake tan
▪️Wonderful for all skin types.

How to use

Apply daily as needed to the entire body. For best absorption, use after the shower or bath.

Key Ingredients

Soothes skin, strengthens the skin barrier and hydrates.
Sunflower oil can help reduce trans-epidermal water loss and keep the skin hydrated.
It’s also rich in vitamin E which offers excellent antioxidant benefits.

Suitable for all skin types, but is particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It is rich in vitamins E, A and D, as well as omega 6 and 9. It is therefore nourishing, softening and protective at the same time. It can relieve tightness, itchiness or very dry skin.

Anatural ingredient used in skin care products to increase moisture, protect the skin's natural barrier and improve the product's texture. It has an anti-inflammatory benefits, has anti-aging effect and calms stressed skin.

Attracts water and holds it to the skin like a magnet, keeping it well hydrated.
Glycerin helps leave the skin feeling soft and supple. It has been shown to help skin heal faster too.
Glycerin enhances the penetration of the formula’s actives into the skin.

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